What are we?

... For life and body


  We are artists, makers, travelers, up cyclers, independent crafters of physical adornments and multifaceted adventure gear. Absolute Swagger is the blend of our talents, designs, interests, life motivations, and all around good times, resulting in our stylish products (often with a touch of whimsy) meant to enhance your life and/or body in some way. 

  The merging of talents and experiences brings a flavor of old school and new, of polished and raw, a primitive/industrial mesh that we express in an array of products featuring leathers and metals. Teri and Heather bring a broad spectrum of theatrical exposure from onstage to back stage (each having 10+ years of experience), as well as their separate and mutual world travel. This union brings a nuance of eye-catching details to their creations.


 A touch of who you are shows through when you bring something from Absolute Swagger home. Each piece is hand-crafted and/or upcycled by Heather and Teri. Pounded, punched, cut, crafted, and sewn. We are art installers, performers, desert-loving urban hippies, teachers, audience members, students, dancers, poets, and more... It’s who we are and who we want to appeal to. When you invest in bringing our stuff home with you, We intend for you to have it with you for a long time. We build to last for adventures and for life.


Teri and Heather of Absolute Swagger